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LinkedIn Announces Highly-Awaited Targeting Options for Ad Engagement

What was once a social platform that in all ways was the “New guy on the block”, LinkedIn boasted 675 million monthly users in 2020. 30 Million companies have a presence here, and an advertisement placed on LinkedIn can reach an astounding 12% of the world’s population. They have recently announced engagement retargeting options, which

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Updates to Linkedin’s Campaign Manager Focus on Impressions, Integration, and Conversion

It is no secret that Linkedin Is at the top echelon when it comes to employment social media: they currently have over 610 million members, and 303 million active monthly users. Providing a clear snapshot of just how savvy and ready-for-business their users are deserves an up-close look: 40% of their users visit the site

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LinkedIn’s Data Add Another Layer To Targeted Marketing

Powerful data assist campaigns toward specific employees based on information they give One of the more sophisticated social media, LinkedIn, announced its intent to sell ads across the Internet according to an Advertising Age article. LinkedIn’s new product, Lead Accelerator, allows marketers to select specific data from LinkedIn’s audience and “serve them ads across the

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