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IAB UK’s Experts Weigh in on The Future of Display Advertising

As 2020 gets off to a bustling start within the digital marketing and display advertising realms, many experts in the industry have been weighing in on the general state of things, what the future holds in store, and so much change regarding third-party cookies. As some opportunities for revenue are seeming to narrow and disappear,

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Dominating Via Data Means: the Advantage of Comprehensive Collection

Data-enabled learning has long been known as one of the virtues of having a large customer base, and an asset that can make any entity have an unbeatable edge regarding the competition. The more customers you have, the more data you can gather, and with the use of machine-learning tools, can have you ultimately offering

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Google’s Rivals Grow as Microsoft, AOL Sign 10-year Search and Display Deal

Bing replaces Google for organic search results on AOL sites effective Jan. 1, 2016 Microsoft continues to heat up its efforts to combat rival Google in the search engine domain as it partnered with America Online (AOL) for a 10-year pact. The deal will eventually mean Bing takes over 100 percent of the organic search

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