Turning Desires to Dollars: Tapping into Buying Motives for Explosive Sales Growth

Marketers for all different types of products have asked “why do people buy?” for many years. Once you have an idea, patent, service, or skill-set, you first must find out what problem you are solving, then identify your ideal target customer. One of the fine arts you must master for profitability in the digital age is finding the means to emotionally trigger your buyer from the fence to the confirmed purchase. There are very powerful motives that buyers all have inside of them, waiting to be unleashed by a key motivator. 

Following are the 5 key motives that are powerful enough to appeal to the purchasing instinct in even the finickiest consumer.

The Need for Security:

The notion of security is so very important, as everyone on earth is looking for a form of it. Even those willing to leverage huge risks and very creative souls need security as a guaranteed link to consumer behavior. The need for security can be triggered by being threatened physically, financial instability, and outright loneliness. Consumers who are experiencing this emotion need stability and predictability when it comes to a product’s appeal. Since everyone has been let down in life before, this is where product testimonials, solid guarantees, and free trials go easy on the always-present pressure for consumer commitment. 

The Need for Esteem:

The need for esteem is a very powerful buying motive that is driven by the desire to have an elevated status and command respect. This is where products that work on your image and climb the social ladder excel greatly. Automotive brands that have a keen focus on safety and longevity also can score big by conveying that their products are very exclusive and provide a strong sense of prestige. The rise of social influencers was due to exactly this occurrence, as the need to emulate someone with a heightened sense of cool will always see consumers ready to hit the checkout line, and in a hurry!

The Need for Self-Actualization:

As a species, humans are always driven by the desire to feel that they are constantly reaching their full potential. When purchasing your product is somehow making the world a better place, a new vein of social consciousness has made many American consumers eager to support those who are making the world a better place. Helping a customer to save time that they can devote to their passions along with donating a portion of sales to charitable causes are actions that can make the buyer more satisfied with choosing your brand. Brands such as Patagonia, Volkswagen, Apple, and even gourmet dog foods have done well in this department. 

Variety & Novelty:

There are so many consumers in this modern culture that feel trapped: the need to see and experience new things always conjures up a huge pull on the public. It’s not just a 5-day trip to Rome or Paris that fulfills this need, as virtual gaming, cooking classes, dating apps, and even products for pets can fulfill these kinds of needs. By offering people the opportunity to “get to a new place”, you are providing a means of escaping their ordinary routines and schedules. Clothing lines are frequently able to be revamped to exude variety, and creative packaging can make a product line that is beginning to seem redundant appeal to the human instinct that thrives on the changeup of appearance and function.

Convenience and Efficiency:

It’s no secret amongst marketers that attention spans have shortened drastically over the years, ultimately whittling down to just 8.25 seconds. This is much less than the time it takes anyone to check your car and make sure that you didn’t leave your keys inside! If the product or service you are offering can sweep in and make someone’s life easier, you will have an element on your hands that will appeal to anyone subliminally on the prowl for an impulse buy. Since consumers are so rushed to get everything done on time, any time that you can offer them a way to speed things up will be well-appreciated.

A team of experienced professionals will be able to offer time savings for you as a business owner while using their time-tested skills to create killer content. Here at FarFetched Studios, we are consistently focused on what will acquire you more revenue, while exploring the consumer’s many triggers which stoke stellar sales performance!