The Path to Purchase: Reaching Consumers Via Digital Advertising

When Americans are making the exciting choice of purchasing a new automobile, paying an in-person visit to the dealership has rapidly become a less necessary means of accomplishing the task. The many ways that technology has helped this have ushered in the introduction of more choices for consumers looking to buy. With the pandemic still at large across the nation, “caution” has rapidly taken heightened status as a household word. 

The option to purchase an automobile digitally will soon reach a peak of daily necessity, and multicultural consumers are poised to become vital and front-running buyers in this much more digitally connected reality. To come out on top for any entity in the auto business during this new norm, omnichannel methods are going to be the ones incorporated for those seeing gains in hassle-free transactions, as well as heightened customer satisfaction.

When a nationwide survey conducted two years ago asked consumers about their car buying alternatives, 54 percent said they would love being able to complete the transaction from home, and 42 percent were even fine with buying a car minus the test drive, as long as there was some formal element of guarantee involved. Now that people are staying at home in higher numbers, the benefits of accessing financing and inventory options remotely have become obvious.

Even though television is still the leading means of message delivery for automakers, winning strategy in the digital realm demands an approach that uses both physical and digital means of advertising. When desiring to reach Hispanic, Black, and Asian-American consumers, a thorough understanding of how these individuals use digital and omnichannel methods are used to look for a new car will help budgets be used efficiently in this changing landscape.

Hispanic customers spend 50% more time using subscription video and radio on their phones for entertainment than the general population and have twice as sharp memories when it comes to details about car maker ads they see online. Digital video has the potential for well-honed targeting, precise measurement, and an increase in brand recognition. The companies that have been well-versed in digital proficiency are going to see enormous success during the near future.

The African-American consumer base ranks the highest for the ability to have the best recollection for car manufacturers who advertise via billboards, direct mail, and radio. When influenced by digital campaigns, their level of memory ranks as the sharpest. During times when the average television viewer and internet user is so bombarded with multiple value propositions and messages, much attention and focus should be given to those who have such a resilient recall for on-air or digital spots.

The Asian American demographic is a group that has been a standout leader for online shopping, and 47% are younger than 35. This group is the most likely in America to access their entertainment and news via digital devices, and during the past 12 months, 87% have completed a transaction online. As a whole, they are 22% more inclined than the rest of the population to purchase online and are well deserving of a close look at a specifically targeted campaign.

Here at Farfetched Studios, we provide our St Louis-based expertise and digital savvy when it comes to strategy for reaching customers searching for a car. TV ads and billboards are still a viable means of marketing and can bring in an average profit of around $1,702 per vehicle. However, the events that took place during 2020 are going to bring about a surge in the need for a digital reach, and this form of marketing can bring in an average of $2,500 per sale.

A well-versed digital marketing plan includes websites, email, mobile, and social media. Not only does digital marketing attain more revenue per unit purchased, it ultimately ends up costing less. Looked at closely across various samples and surveys, it costs around $150 of digital marketing to sell one car compared to $1,581 with traditional media. Our SEO specialists will ensure that potential buyers find your dealership quickly, and closely examine keyword optimization and other tools to yield success for your business.