The #1 Streaming Platform’s Exciting Upgrades: YouTube Offers Creators Classy Digital Canvas

YouTube, the world’s most popular streaming and upload platform, is quite viable for all types of marketing and product sales, and customers are being won over by video in record numbers. Here are a few updates to the platform and how we feel they are relevant to the constantly changing advertising landscape.

A Solid Multilingual Approach to Search Insight:

The YouTube Search Insights function gives you the ability to locate a good deal of information about popular queries which can help creators with releasing content that is trending and relevant. The search insights function provides a specific insight for content gaps which can help creators filter through ideas that will work to capture their audience’s attention

Until this recent change, searching sites were only available in English with the ability to be viewed by users in the US, Canada, India, and the UK.  Now, the streaming giant is planning on making search insights available in more languages. Emerging markets such as Brazil have pulled their weight over the past few decades, and the ability to reach further globally for any type of product will always prove to be a win.

YouTube Channel Pages’ Facelift:

The navigation bar on the channel pages is now just below the channel information section, with the “Join” and “Store” buttons being more visible. This could prove to be a huge boost in revenue potential, as business owners and marketers need to find the tools to upload and curate their video content in a hurry. Videos are also now separated into two different tabs, allowing you to switch from long-form videos to YouTube shorts.

Before this change, videos were all grouped in the same tab. Here, you also can find the “browse features” that refer to the display and navigation sections on a specific channel page. These include subscriptions, home screen, watch later, trending, explore, and other useful sections. The channel pages are also where you see YouTube impressions. They record whenever a viewer on the platform has access to your video’s thumbnail.

Large-Scale Growth From Community Posting: 

Aligned with Search Insights, you can also create community posts. You simply sign into your YouTube account, select “Create> Create Post” at the top of your channel’s page, and then enter your selected text. Then, you simply hit “post” to publish it, or even schedule your post to be published later. The “view counter” strategically logs viewers who spend more than 30 seconds on a selected video, allowing you to strategize and reflect upon which shorts or long forms perform best. 

Age and Gender:

Within the YouTube Insights are also more solid data about who’s viewing your videos. Having a deeper understanding of your audience is useful to handle the tougher aspects of content creation, and make targeted decisions in confidence. The “Age and Gender” function coincides nicely with the YouTube subscriber metric, which shows how many people you gained or lost. You can even filter this tool by video, to see which type of content is the most effective when it comes to long-term resonation with your audience. 

Are There Other Updates to Offer Marketers an Advantage?

Color was a key theme for YouTube’s dev team while they were getting ready for 2022 updates. Added vibrancy was a prevalent theme, allowing the viewer to enjoy recommended videos or browse for their favorite content. The ambient mode really is eye-popping and adds a great form of life, with a subtle effect that allows the app background color to adequately match the video. The dark theme is now even darker, allowing the mobile, web, and Smart TV functions to visually pop that much more. 

The Reason for the Season:

Video is one of the driving forces behind consumers’ final purchasing choice, as it breathes life into the value proposition processes. The watch page is now much easier on the eyes, and options such as liking, sharing, and downloading see a format that cuts down on distractions. The “pinch to zoom” feature also launched in October, allowing for video to stay zoomed in and giving the viewer’s fingers a rest. 

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