The Current Climate’s Top Queries: 3 new Search Trends for Marketing

To properly achieve digital marketing goals for any type of firm, it is always of extreme value to know what searches are trending in the current climate. Anyone who has taken the steps to immerse themselves in consumer data will know that search behavior and demand change rapidly, and after the global pandemic hit this year, a few new trends appeared on the horizon.


The knowledgeable folks on staff at the Search Engine Journal were looking at what was trending lately and put together a great article about the 3 most frequent ones during these rapidly changing times. They then lay out a good game plan of practical actions that you can take as an expert to reach the audiences engaging in these searches. Here are the 3 they are focused on:


  1. When Will (Insert Service) Reopen:


This trend demonstrates people’s need to resume their lifestyle activities and choosing the things that they enjoy purchasing. When watching this trend over a 90-day duration, it is clearly seen just how the virus scenario has understandably pushed consumers into a “return to a new normal” state of mind.


Even though this particular study took place in the UK, we have seen those around us pretty much asking the same pertinent questions. Schools, bars, shops, and hairdressers were the most sought after in this query. There are a few practical considerations for implementing actions for this emerging trend:


  • Make sure that your Google My Business, Bing Places, and related within SERP features are updated properly with scheduling and other important details.
  • Update your contact page and related contact forms, to make sure they reflect and pay homage to the situation at hand.
  • Creating brand-new content such as blog posts for your website to target this consumer intent.
  • Be sure to comment on other external forums, social media channels, and relevant community sites to reach out to your audience in different ways.
  • Provide online help and support that is fast and proactive, such as chat-bots
  • Writing and distributing PR content for external media outlets to maintain ultimate visibility and customers pre-booking for service.


  1. Online Buyer Behavior Changes:


The volume, frequency, and method of purchasing online have undergone drastic changes within the past 10 weeks as well. It is important to recognize that these behaviors may not stick around for the long run, and it was notable that the way consumers shop for groceries has definitely been one of the biggest shifts.


Practical Actions:


These spikes in online buyer changes will be evident both in industry data and within your own internal data sets. Users will be closely looking over content before making a buying decision such as details regarding safety, and any pertinent delays in delivery. This is going to be very important content to present on your website and to make sure that you have easily accessible.


One of the most important insights here is regarding the volume and basket size of online ordering, on top of non-essential buying. It is now more than ever not to assume anything: this is one subset that is changing daily, and so let the data govern your decisions. At least one trend that will probably remain a bit more long-term is people choosing to buy online, period.


  1. Time to Do Intent Targeting:


This type of intent is targeting all of the planned and new activity based on the trends of remote working and time at home that was previously unexpected. Getting in touch with a seasoned professional like us here at Farfetched Studios can help you pinpoint exactly what YOUR target market is doing, and develop a plan to maximize spend based on the results found.


Practical Actions:


It has definitely been learned that during this crisis people are seeking to complete home improvements and entertain their families while they are frequently at home. Preparing their outdoor space for the warmer months, baking, and exploring the idea of adopting a pet are all ways that consumers have adapted and made changes to how they spend their time.


This shift in available free time had led to the exploration of search changes such as “Donate to” and charitable intent, as well as finding business and support loans in many nations. There has also been an understandable explosion in online learning, e-learning, and the search demand to improve and grow on skill sets is becoming evident in many nations. As trends continue to emerge, we will keep you posted right here on the blog about what consumers are doing, why they are doing it, and how to use data for your benefit!