The Debby Downer Needs to Go!

Two people I’ve come across in other organizations are extremely unhappy at their jobs to the point that it is extremely noticeable. These two employees work at different companies but make it known that they are extremely frustrated with their day to day job, and probably disappointed at their inability to move up the later. Both are also very tenured employees which is where the problem arises.

If an employee starts to go down a negative path while working for your company, there is very little you can do especially when they have been working for you a long time. The problem is that negativity spreads like the flu, and the only way to get rid of the flu is to get rid of what is making it spread.

The negative attitude will not only hurt their own sales, but also effect other employees which will negatively effect their sales as well.

Something that I might suggest if the “Debby Downer” syndrome is noticed early on is to start encouraging that person more. Give them a little more attention, not negative criticism but positive reinforcement. Maybe look at them and say to yourself, “What have I done in my life to make a big difference in my success?” at this point there are a lot of things to do in order to keep that tenured employee motivated.

Simple things like “Plan your work, work your plan” and then help them plan.