The Future Landscape’s Freeway Map: SMBs Embrace Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

The “digital pulse” of the marketing landscape greatly impacts the future of spending and marketing efforts. Many valuable annual reports cover client opinions, sentiments that affect the overall environment, and expectations for the climate. The Intero Digital team released the recent “Revolutionizing Reach: The 2024 Digital Marketing Landscape You Can’t Ignore” data survey.

Experts such as the team at Intero Digital have had their hands on the pulse of the nation’s vital activity for quite some time and were there from the beginning when even the basics of social media management proved difficult. 2024 promises to be incredibly challenging, with technology creating new layers of automation, yet making foretelling “the next big thing” increasingly challenging. This study is used as a benchmark for insights and strategies, and covers many of these key areas:

  • Trends regarding digital marketing spending
  • Top digital marketing goals for the year
  • Content marketing trends
  • Emerging trends and data in Amazon marketing
  • Intense transformation in the SEO category
  • Influencer marketing’s volatility
  • Tactics and strategy for effective video marketing

Crucial and Time-Sensitive Priorities Taking Precedence:

One of the most crucial findings during the survey was about revenue growth, and just how important marketers deem it for the coming year. 79% of those surveyed claimed that revenue growth was the most important thing on their mind, with 46.2% increasing spending even during turbulent times. Zero percent of respondents were planning to decrease spending, and 53.8% planned to see it remain the same.

Gaining Ground on Growth Complexities in 2024:

With revenue leading the pack, other pain points for marketing entities were tightening budgets, lead generation, competition, and keeping up with SEO. With more digital channels to monitor along with fierce competition, this year is not going to offer up many calm or tranquil moments in boardrooms and strategy meetings nationwide. With competition remaining quite fierce, there will need to be higher investment to remain competitive.

7.7% of respondents had considered branding a key pain point. With the space becoming more crowded now, the challenge to build a truly competitive brand takes more time, and this is where the well-groomed and intentional influencer can be of assistance. Customers love familiarity, and the most influential individuals can still sway a complete stranger when it comes to trying out a great product or service!

What are Digital Entities’ Top Marketing Goals for 2024?

The survey’s section about important goals showed that “revenue growth” topped the list at 79.5%. “Gaining more web traffic” and “Higher positioning in SERPs” were both tied for second place at 38.5%.  Lead generation was the number two biggest pain point but came in 5th place for the biggest goal at 30.8%. The largest barrier to entry for thought leadership is claiming the best ideas and insight, without evoking a sense of stabbing in the dark or trying so very hard to remain relevant.

Narratives over Numbers: Prioritizing Message in Content Marketing

A detailed review of over 100,000 pieces of content found that the most shared content had a lower average word count than the previous year’s. Currently situated at 552, this was down from last year’s 792 words. This implies that messaging is much more important than words, and that a comparable balance needs to be achieved to emphasize both channels during content. 41% of marketers plan to use video, along with 41% setting their sights on podcasts. Surprisingly to some, newsletters were a top asset type, taking up 47%.

Generative Experiences and an Abundance of Change:

SEO trends are focused on preparing for Google’s Search Generative Experience, which emphasizes shareable content and appealing value. While focusing on PPC, Google Ads pushes the use of AI as an assistance, and to avoid pressure to drastically change up your campaigns. Meta launched “Threads” in July 2023, which now claims to have 100 million monthly users. Seen as a viable alternative to X, Threads is ideal for text snippets and joining conversations.

It’s best to establish a presence on Threads, even if it’s just snagging up a username because user numbers are bound to grow in 2024. Redirecting traffic to a website takes quite a bit of effort, while in-platform conversations are where things become viable. Being playful and creative will have a huge effect on retention rate, as well as creating content that is organic and informative. TikTok will introduce 15-minute-long updates in 2024, which could be useful in retaining new demographics.

Taking Charge of AI Strategy Via Killer Marketing:

Since marketing departments are closest to the consumer, they can push forward very aggressively with a formidable AI strategy. They can use this knowledge they have found during the customer journey to see the many ways AI can enhance a business’s strong attributes. AI will provide the chance for marketers to help control strategy and make internal processes much more efficient.

When it comes to AI capabilities, it’s important to not dismiss the platform’s capability due to its maturity level. Since AI is at its worst now and will continue to become gradually more intelligent, it’s best to create content based on authenticity, as even backlinks are no longer a top-ranking factor. Google is now surfacing videos in high-quality imagery directly in the SGE carousel, which will eventually become a very important component of any excellent content strategy.

What do all of us here at FarFetched Studios want any aspiring product or service’s fearless leader to remember most? AI cannot quite generate real-world experience like people can, which still gives humans a distinct advantage! Now is NOT the time to have a poor user experience, with tweaks to your UX consistently yielding an excellent payoff. Contact us today to outline a plan for 2024 and turn datasets into dazzling digital campaign conversions!