The Multi-Layered Science Behind the Search: Avoiding Common Keyword Research Mistakes

Keyword research is crucial when it comes to success for any type of SEO campaign. It is a valuable skill that can be a little tricky, but thankfully, some common mistakes can be avoided. Here are some of the most common errors that we have learned to avoid, and a game plan to avoid the many pitfalls of not being top ranked. 

Not Paying Adequate Attention to “What’s Trending”:

After your product is ready, your homepage looks good, and the digital store is aligned with checkout, one mistake is to launch your SEO campaign without knowing what to expect. Looking for trending keywords is always a good start along with tracking their ranking. While you are researching keywords, it’s a good idea to project traffic by closely analyzing search trends.

Updates to search engines, what season it is, and holiday trends all can affect what drives clicks and valuable spending. Pinpointing reasons why traffic has dropped can be tracked with Google Trends and remedied as browsing culture ebbs and flows. When Google updates, it can cause sudden and drastic internal errors on even the most well-maintained websites. 

“Brandish a Magnifying Glass” Regarding Intent: 

While always looking for clues to up your SEO game, it is crucial to understand search intent. Tools are needed to accurately check for solid intent, as different grammatical forms affect matters. SERPS’s for keywords may differ after these tools reveal searches that are singular or plural. When a search is made for a real estate agent or contractor, a singular form is the key trigger for a general knowledge panel. A search term in plural will trigger the local knowledge panel at the top, which will provide the user with locations beginning in the same zip code.

Outstanding Content for Rich Results: 

The race to rank number one on Google is consuming, and all digital marketers know that they must have a stellar landing page and fitting call to action. There are other ways to stand out, however, and one of them is through rich results. These have undergone more rolling out and testing lately, and here users can find what they’re looking for without lengthy click-throughs. If you can create content that is outstanding and appealing enough, you can be featured in some snippets that could likely stick around for a while (before the next Google update!) 

Opting for the Unordinary For Branding:

Many instances in the digital marketing realm involve generic keywords, and the exact-match domain name offers a helping hand. As you climb the ladder and build a brand’s recognition, you may see others in the same boat begin to do the same with a better campaign, or by running PPC ads that gobble up your results. Rank Tracker is keyword tracking software and is considered a search term, but when it comes down to ranking the landing page, high-tech “feelers” tend to send different messages. 

Going After Keywords That “Have the Capital to Put Your Lights out”

If you find yourself going after keywords that have tough competition, it may take a strategy with long-haul stamina and strategic backlinks. If a keyword such as “dating” is so popular that bidders are standing in a line out the digital door, it could be difficult to see your pages end up with a desired SERP standing. The keywords “technical SEO” are currently turning up 128 million search results, and the competition is fierce. 

When this is the case, it is imperative to keep a close eye on your SEO competitor’s performance so that you know how things are shifting in the landscape. We can assure you that this “shifting” is occurring faster than ever before, and upping your SEO game may still be just one vital component along with assuring that your page is updated frequently with engaging content. 

Web browsers have intent while they are searching for what they need. On top of having an appealing mission statement, engaging content, and (hopefully!) minimal interruptions with the supply chain, you need to make sure that the placement of keywords in blogs and other marketing materials remains tangible and useful. Farfetched Studios can not only do the heavy lifting, but we also can provide constant guidance and the right tweaks that pave the way for a consistently full order queue!

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