The Power of Prediction: 5 Ways To Forecast Your SEO Success in 2023

Wouldn’t you love to get a clear picture of how much traffic and revenue you’ll get before you launch your next SEO digital marketing campaign? You would be able to move forward (or pull back from) with the promotion of a specific product or service, equipped with a better understanding of its true market potential. It is essential to have an accurate estimate of your ROI when it comes to making decisions for your business, especially when setting your budget or selecting the right SEO keywords for your brand. 

The team here at FarFetched Studios has identified 5 key processes that aid in forecasting the ROI of your next campaign:

Size Up Your Keyword Strategy:

One of the best ways to figure out an excellent keyword strategy is by talking to real, live people! Your customer support team can review any tickets they have received to see what issues and misunderstandings people have regarding your product or service. This is an excellent opportunity to solve problems. Sales calls, if applicable, can assist you with strategizing a meaningful call to action and other closing tactics.

Weigh in on Traffic Volumes:

Getting the right keywords can take quite a bit of time, and when you have finished with the task you may see them change again. After this part of your prep journey is (temporarily!) finished, you can look at traffic data for many valuable insights! Consider data limitations, attribution, and organic click-throughs when looking at your data to see what is working. During attribution, you can take an in-depth look at the creative process, and get to work improving your product development.

Step-In to Clearly Define Conversion:  

Search volume, keywords, and traffic estimates are all ongoing elements that are valuable for shaping your strategy. Defining what a conversion is to you is usually something done early on, but it can be reevaluated at any stage. Signing up for an email list can get the ball rolling, but sometimes the true definition of conversion is the revenue generated from a debit card transaction. 

Is Your Sales Team Bringing Their A-Game?

It is very important to realize that not all leads can convert: from the eager consumer at the home improvement trade show to an always engaged email list subscriber. However, some can quickly offer one-time revenue. Others provide valuable lifetime potential, even if your business model is not subscription-based. Finding the close lead rate will help identify incidents where more probing questions could have been asked, and look at personality differences among those who are a very valuable asset. 

A Reasonable and Momentum-Rich Future:

Seeing the positive results that a great campaign can yield is the motivation for so many to brush up on their marketing tactics for the future. Thoroughly analyzing your content, tapping into keywords that can provide traction, and analyzing your competition will all aid you during the journey. It’s not just a “shifting market” that is now taking place: an entire sector of advertising and means of getting messages across will begin to develop at a faster rate than ever before. There is a large amount of opportunity within uncertainty, but pinpointing a functional marketing plan requires vision. Determination, ingenuity, and an innovative team with foresight can create a blueprint for your business’s ROI success!

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