The Practice

By: Seth Godin (if you don’t know who he is, look him up. He is an extensive marketing resource)

The book is a 250 page reminder that shipping creative has to be done often and without regard to other people’s opinions. If you are too fearful to ship the work it will never be seen and thus never criticized or praised. Sounds like a nice safe zone right? This can spiral into writers block or creative block that always holds back your best work. To avoid this, ship work daily and regardless of your mood and/or feeling that day. Work on it even if the work you first put down is junk. AND then work on it some more….avoid procrastinating the work and make it a habit of working on it at awkward times and places so that the environment that you work on creative in becomes everywhere. Most importantly, ship the work! #sethgodin #marketingtips #stladagency #stlmarketing

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