The Top Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow a Successful E-Commerce Platform

Over the last 20 years, online shopping has grown by leaps and bounds. As soon as the pandemic influenced the market, changes accelerated very quickly! As most people are relieved that everyday norms somewhat went back to “normal”, a sizeable change has now reared its head regarding commerce. Since many consumers are now ordering goods online, it takes more than just a well-tuned URL and checkout platform to have a profitable edge.

At Farfetched Studios, we believe that an agency who cares about client success is the utmost important when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your brand. Strategically placed marketing tactics can help increase an organic means of awareness; successful campaigns are the means of driving traffic which then converts directly to your website. We’ll touch on a few ways that you can thrive, stay profitable, and assure that everything you are doing makes sense, all while converting correctly!

The Lion’s Share of Recognizing Social: Just last year, more than 3.6 billion users were logged in on various social media channels, and they were all planted there for at least two hours a day. Within the next four years, more than 4.4 billion users will be making use of these valuable channels which has always been the number one leader in terms of market trending. Instagram and TikTok have rapidly built reputations as portals that draw in a massive audience share. All these platforms provide the benefit of precise targeting.

Facebook shops gave the open stage up to the small businesses looking to reach audiences with fine-honed crafts and pieces. Instagram soon came running up to the race with “Instagram Checkout” along with a shop tab, making direct purchases a bit simpler. What once was just a platform for users to rate and follow great snapshots, has now become the ultimate portal! Instagram has now made it a snap to checkout at user’s disposal. Shoe brands, cologne, and many DIY artists have received massive success after this addition.

The Reach of SEO for the Art of Getting Ahead: SEO is not dead, no matter what you see so many entities projecting and reporting about! This is the tried-and-true means of procuring organic traffic and have proven to become a lot better in this department. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is still an incredibly viable means of getting customers to see your advertisement at the top of a results page. It is important to make sure that search terms meet your campaign terms.

We have long been keenly strategizing using this means of lure, aka pay-per-click advertising. Part of the beauty of the PPC realm is that advertiser pay a publisher when the ad is clicked. Pay-per-click is commonly associated with their first-tier search engines. The benefits of PPC include:
• PPC ads reach audiences cost-effectively
• PPC ads provide instant traffic
• PPC ads lead to positive ROI (Return on Investment)
• PPC user data helps your overall SEO strategy

Dishing Out the Perks of Display Rewards: The display advertising route along with banners is one of the original forms of successful digital marketing. What we have found is that they work best when you are on the hunt for the user who is searching around your website, but not quite yet be ready to purchase. Even if they don’t always convert, they are great at building brand awareness, and assuring that you are still up and surviving every little cut you may take while surviving in the ring.

Once your website is up and running, you’re going to want front-line consulting skills, assurance that the search engines are ranking you well, and continuous mojo regarding SEO. Our team is strong at looking at how trends will affect your specific niche, keeping you ahead of the game, and consistently seeking out ways to ramp up the all-important revenue capture. ANYTHING you want to do now is within your reach as consumers happily and aggressively bounce back!

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