TikTok Named ‘Marketer Of The Year’ By Ad Age

The top 5 spots on the leading advertising news outlet’s definitive list of marketers world wide.

Ad Age is one of the leading influencers on decision makers and trend setters in the marketing and media world. They recently released their 2020 Marketers of the Year list, with TikTok claiming the #1 position. This list is widely accepted as a main insight into the leading companies in the market each year and how they accomplished their rankings. McDonald’s claims the #2 spot behind TikTok, followed by Lowe’s at #3, The Lincoln Project at #4 and Etsy at #5.

Dan Peres, editor-in-chief of Ad Age, said “Despite unprecedented hurdles, top marketers were able to create opportunities for growth by smartly connecting their audiences in different ways. Beyond delivering some exceptional creative campaigns, these marketers showed us how to move and inspire consumers, even under the most challenging circumstances. With the Marketers of the Year list, Ad Age has the honor of recognizing these companies and brands for the incredible work they’ve done.”

TikTok has claimed the top spot on the list for its incredibly fast growth and mainstay over the course of this year. The short-form viral videos delivered by TikTok have become a new part of cultural norms that fuel countless interactions and engagements across almost every social platform. They have even began to show their impact on mainstream media.

McDonald’s takes the #2 spot on the list this year. They set their targets on the problem of how the market had turned away from eating out as not always being an option. By creating dynamic and trend-setting collaborations, with artists like Travis Scott, the American fast food pass-time was able to stay on the minds and in the stomachs of its customers.

Lowe’s coming in at 3rd on the list, was able to recognized in the midst of the pandemic and nationwide lockdowns that the American people are wanting to become DIYers. They cleverly mixed their content to help drive major gains in sales throughout the year. But most importantly, it gave the Lowe’s brand a relatable and relevant feel that resonated with its customers and kept them buying through the pandemic.

The Lincoln Project gains incredible recognition and claims the #4 spot on the Marketers of the Year list for almost singlehandedly reinventing the standard for political ads. They delivered expressive formats and incredibly fast turnaround times to stay within the “political moment.” The Lincoln Project redefined how to connect with audiences on an emotional level.

The ever growing e-commerce giant Etsy closes out the top five on the Marketers of the Year list. They delivered incredibly diverse ad campaigns to the masses of crafters and craft-lovers that made each client and customer feel like they have been understood regardless of their chosen hobby. With such a vast and broad approach to remarketing, Etsy was able to report a third quarter revenue of $415.5 million this last September, a 128% increase over last year.

Ad Age recognized each of these companies for their innovative and creative ways of engaging their target audience and keeping them engaged throughout this year of pandemics and lockdowns.

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