Transactional Emails That Align With Customer Needs Get Winning Results

As you are planning and updating your digital marketing strategy, transactional emails are a vital means of providing a human and thoughtful touch to catch your customer’s attention! Once a sale has taken place, every customer expects a form of follow-up, and here at Farfetched Studios we have closely monitored and tracked what grabs attention and produces results. Marketing emails are great for nurturing leads and trying to convert, and items such as newsletters fall under this category.

One way that transactional emails are different is that they are sent to just one individual and are customized for specific events that have happened or are happening soon during the transaction process. Marketing emails are usually sent to a specifically targeted group of recipients, and only have a few minor tweaks for different subsets. Here are some examples of winning transactional email strategy and the ways we can help you.

Cart Abandonment: This is the email you send if a customer shows enough interest to place the item they want in their cart, but then exit the URL without completing the transaction. There could be many reasons why there was not time to finish up the intended purchase. If a qualified buyer has abandoned their cart, you can get creative by offering a substantial discount, or even by showing a “virtual countdown” that puts some pressure on to snag the desired item.
Registration: The instant a customer creates a new account, you’ll want to follow up with a well-written communication that provides a final click-through option for official activation. This lets your new customer know they are now on board.

Welcome Emails: As soon as the customer clicks on a link in the registration email, a welcome email is another reassuring and effective form of keeping in contact. This is an opportune moment to provide details about a loyalty program, and simply let them know that you are flattered they chose your brand as their good or service provider. It is also a good chance to start becoming a bit warmer and more personal and begin to treat a recent buyer as a friend.

Password Resets: A password reset email is an important feature that allows your customer to log in again easily if they forget their password. Individuals get busy, go on vacation, or change their address, and they may simply forget the password they always knew by heart. They will need a way to access the portal again!

Confirmations: These are some of the most important and time-sensitive emails you will have in your follow-up arsenal. Since the open rates are so high on confirmation emails, it is a good opportunity for you to express more thanks and appreciation. Confirmation emails are less likely to be deleted due to their form of sales proof, a solid record of what the customer purchased and when.

Shipping Notification: Most customers hold this email in highest regard around the holidays or if they ordered for a birthday, but it is always best practice to inform buyers when their goods are on the way. It’s a good time to send an informal note that provides a human touch as well, such as telling them to “do the happy dance” because they will soon be seeing their order at the front door.

Delivery Notification: Now that so many are returning to the office for good, you’re going to love getting this notification letting you know your order is ready and on your doorstep! This also provides a great chance to engage people while they are excited and ask them to tell others on social media how happy they are and share pictures of their newly acquired goodies.

Reminder Emails: These are a great way to quickly touch base and remind a satisfied customer their redeemable funds are getting low or that rewards points are expiring. Many people these days are bogged down enough with their schedule that they don’t always remember to re-up, re-order, or browse for new releases, so many consumers welcome reminder emails as a form of virtual sticky note.

For every flow of customer interaction, we have a solution for your business here at Farfetched Studios. The perfect formula for transactional emails will leave a resounding call to action with clients to look again, choose another selection, and recommend your out-of-this-world service to their friends!