Twitter Partners with DoubleClick, Boosts Advertising Potential

Acquisition of TellApart technology firm assists Twitter in measuring ad behavior, conversions

One of the current social media giants has made a couple of perhaps under-the-radar moves that will affect its advertising strategy and, in turn, earnings. Twitter announced its partnership with Google’s DoubleClick division and also its acquisition of TellApart, a marketing technology firm.

While these moves may help make up for Twitter’s less-than-stellar 2015 earnings thus far, the advertising potential of these moves are numerous. The partnership with DoubleClick allows Twitter to show off what it can do and how ads on the microblog can pay off.

According to a DrivingSales article, more and more consumers and potential customers are using more than one app at one time, moving “fluidly” from one to the other. The partnership with DoubleClick will provide Twitter with better information on how conversions happen from device to device and app to app. Twitter will be able to show potential clients how retweets and favorites matter to conversions.

The acquisition of TellApart is “intended to improve the direct response capabilities of the social network.” TellApart retargets across different devices, perfect for Twitter.

“Twitter aims to make it simpler for marketers to reach audiences as they switch between mobile devices and desktop applications,” according to DrivingSales.

A “fractured nature” of consumer experience—people using multiple devices at different times—can make it difficult for target marketing to take its greatest effect. But with this acquisition, Twitter looks to capitalize on its presence. One of the perks of Twitter’s recent moves allows advertisers to purchase Promoted Tweets using the DoubleClick Bid Manager platform.

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