Updates to Linkedin’s Campaign Manager Focus on Impressions, Integration, and Conversion

It is no secret that Linkedin Is at the top echelon when it comes to employment social media: they currently have over 610 million members, and 303 million active monthly users. Providing a clear snapshot of just how savvy and ready-for-business their users are deserves an up-close look: 40% of their users visit the site every day, and 92% of Fortune 500 companies use Linked in as a viable recruiting tool.


This is a social media platform that sees 172,800 new users daily, and nearly 62 million new users every year. They now are adding three new feature to their Campaign Manager Advertising platform, alongside a closely-optimized pricing option. The new features include Brand Awareness campaigns that charge for every unique impression, enhanced integration with website conversion tracking capabilities, and ads that aid Talent Solutions buyers to reach their recruitment goals.


The new Brand Awareness Campaign manager feature provides anyone who has the desire to advertise an option designed specially to help their chosen advertisers heftily increase their “Share of the voice” on Linkedin. When campaigns are created, they are charged at a rate of impressions per thousand.  Just as any major entity would want to protect its interest, Linkedin has scrutinized many data reports and closely-honed tracking tools that help their customers create campaigns.


Talent Solutions Customers will now have the ability to allow their HR and recruitment professionals to run ads aimed at delivering job applications that possess a thoroughly-trained and well-honed candidate. Time has proven that those with a commanding skillset will always be in demand, and it’s no doubt that Linkedin has provided many companies on the hunt with the perfect fit.


Objective Based-Buying is where the real rewards will lie within this structuring. Those who are interested in high-volume stakes and campaigns will reap the rewards that the latest updates on Linkedin’s platform will provide. Over a closely-measured period of time, objective-based buying generated 300% ore signups then standard bidding on the website and proved that those who are out to win the game in large numbers succeed greatly.


When you choose to incorporate a Best St Louis Digital Ad agency to handle your presence, you will surely notice a difference in your brand’s ranking and results. When Linkedin first made its appearance, it was noteworthy and groundbreaking. Many of the same ways in which Facebook became so wildly popular were evident, as the prominent news feed, updates, and private messaging were key ingredients.


The final results of the recipe have been winning alright, as users log in daily to obtain wealth in the form of knowledge and job contact by the thousands. Linkedin has seen massive success as of late with its many updates and very grassroots calls to action. Truly winning talent is hard to come by, and the moment when you reach a final negotiation with a new hire can be pure bliss. At Farfetched Studios, our proven digital agency delivers results that reach across various social media platforms: Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook all fall under the guise of our well-honed expertise!

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