Upholding “Standards” is key to Success

A few weeks ago, my personal trainer brought up a very good observation of the impeccable customer service at Disney World. He then asked “How do you think they get everyone on-board to be so enthusiastic and spirited about working at Disney World? Obviously they must pay their employees well, but that’s not always enough.” ——My response was simple, and I didn’t realize how important this rule is at every organization.  If you set a “Standard” like impeccable customer service and enthusiasm at the “Most Magical place on Earth!” for every employee without exception then there is only one more thing to do, ENFORCE IT.  Disney World doesn’t allow employees to stay employed if they aren’t meeting the standard, and neither should you.

Now we know that the “Standard” and “Enforce” are too great words that we need to incorporate into our plans. Let’s start now with creating a mold. Every person in your organization has a dress code and a time to be at work, correct? Lets make this as mandatory as the time everyone is supposed to be at work and as inexcusable as violating the dress code. Start making a list of goals you want to achieve.

1-Great Customer Service

2-Fast, Responsive and Intelligent client interactions

3-Manners, Political Correctness and reserved emotions in the visible workspace (which means that every employee is happy when they are at work, no matter what is going on in their life or what side of the bed they woke up on)

4-Respect others, the company and everyone that surrounds it (Anyone who says something bad about your organization needs to be corrected and warned, positive attitudes create an upward growth just like positive numbers on a graph)

Take these few rules of basic customer service and employee explanations then expand them further into your organizational goals.