Locally Sourced, Internally Inspired: Fueling Content with Authentic Narratives

There are many successful marketers out there who keep themselves at a healthy distance from the activity of their operation. They sometimes exist at a level that is a bit removed from the hustle and bustle, as well as the commonplace direct interactions with valuable consumers. This can place an owner, investor, or CEO in a position that proves to be difficult regarding content. It can be challenging to know what to write about and make things meaningful in a world that is disconnected and very fast-paced.

Drilling for Brilliance: Discovering Untapped Content Reservoirs

One of the best tips that an aspiring writer was given was to consistently be “digging new wells.” This advice was given to them to guarantee that what they were creating was unique and not recycled from the ranks of things already covered in full. The “Skyscraper Technique” saw some content writers ultimately rely on rewording and combining top pages into a very long page with a long, hard focus on SEO. Many audiences are most excited by content that originates from outside the web and stands out in a way that resonates deeply with the audience. 

Digital Diamonds: Leveraging Employee Narratives

Your front-line employees are an excellent source of relatable content. Salespeople can highlight the need to earn trust. Common pain points are addressed in detail by these employees, and they can be very convincing when it comes to buying. Customer Service Representatives are known for being very knowledgeable about common objections that people have when seeking a service. Spending time with those such as installation teams, you will develop an understanding of how they do their job. 

Capitalizing on Employee-Sourced Content:

Any employee that is working in the field is going to have developed an understanding of what is needed for things to operate smoothly. If you listen to individuals who are dealing with people face-to-face, it can be edited and re-shaped by a content writer to be optimized. Food and farming are such a good example of this practice: anyone working at a farmer’s market could have a very deep understanding of what it takes to successfully see food move from farm-to-table, and the sustainability issues encountered at all levels. 

Clients as Creators: Unveiling Customer-Generated Content Power

Your current customers are another great source of content ideas, as they have a front-row seat to the ways that buyers can make decisions. They can paint a very clear picture of what mattered and what didn’t matter to them as they decided, and you can sometimes use these stories as featured project pages. It’s not just wearing clothing or going to favorable restaurants, although those are great examples: businesses such as repair or upholstery have so much to gain from in-depth satisfaction stories! 

Well-Resonating “Future Pull” From Past Reviews:

The past reviews that customers have left on your business profiles are great sources of info to see what the “word on the street” is about your service. They provide an accurate glimpse into your customer’s thinking patterns and can clue you into valuable angles you may not have yet noticed. Before taking on new SEO clients, it’s wise to read their Google Business Profile to get an idea of what customers see as important. 

There are personal touches that never go unnoticed by customers, even if it’s a brief recommendation for other things they may like or remembering their family’s names. Gifts that allow a customer to remember you in a positive light are sometimes so well-received that they can later be put into practice as an excellent means of regular activity. Collectibles and memorabilia make for great personal gifts: attachments to sports teams and other staples of pop culture can render you in good graces. 

The Great Client Migration Caper:

Some of the best ideas for crafting great content may come from your competition. A great way to aid in devising a future content strategy is to check out any of your competitor’s reviews that were three stars or lower. As you learn more about what people generally don’t like about your competitor, you can plug the valuable information directly into future marketing efforts. In a world where consumers want to be understood and heard, a lack of communication is a major reason for things to suddenly head south. 

Delivery processes are a huge pain point for customers: not getting an item on time for the holidays or not being able to track an order nearly always results in negative feedback. Some businesses such as career coaching may not struggle with this issue, but anyone who drop-ships will always have to be ready for pressing satisfaction problems arising. To make your marketing funnel effective, it’s crucial to tie your content to a specific purpose that heals the pain points they encounter along their journey. 

A Chance to Shape the Narrative:

Power Reviews reported over the past year that audience members who interact with user-generated content improve conversion rates on all types of product pages. As your brand grows, the amount of user-generated content can alternate between different mediums. This type of content costs less than most other marketing media, as you can simply ask your customers for content that they will create to enjoy a sense of community. 

Farfetched Studios can supercharge your online presence by using the sheer force of resonating, user-generated content. This is an excellent way for others to see your unique story, and successfully stand out. Detailed stories are the blueprint for how we reach and influence buyers, and now is an excellent time to shape your strategy!

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