Utilizing User Intent: Twitter Search Results now to Include Sponsored Tweets

For us to successfully make use of every social media platform out there here at Farfetched Studios, it has been imperative to observe how trends ebb and flow. After a few months of being in the spotlight for a heightened sense of uncertainty, a major decision has been made to help increase their bottom line. The Searchenginejournal reported last week that they will now roll out a new ad unit called Search Keyword Ads, allowing search results to now display sponsored tweets. 

Straightening out the Shelves in the Name of Profit:

Advertisers will now be able to pay for their tweets to appear strategically at the top of search results for specific keywords. Much like the promoted tweets feature that appears in users’ timelines, this method now adds the benefit of the specific variety of targeting that has made Facebook ads so successful. This new feature will be situated directly on the Twitter ads interface, and is specifically designed to offer more conversions to advertiser websites. 

Tweaked + Unique In the Name of Urgency:

This feature is unique in that it provides a very “second-layer” form of introspection and provision. Since users are already actively searching for a specific keyword, it provides a more fine-tuned means of capitalizing on valuable intent. To get things properly started, it’s best to begin by utilizing the Twitter Pixel or Conversion API featured on your URL. Further down the road, Twitter is planning on expanding Search Keyword ads to other opportunities. 

Just like other promoted tweets, the labeling for search ads will be clear and concise, which will prevent any confusion between paid and standard organic tweets. Leveraging the opportunity for people to target their products and services will drastically boost opportunities for revenue, which dropped by more than 70% around the holidays. Even with the existing popularity that other platforms such as Instagram provide for the user, this could drastically assist in turning things around for this social platform that has recently undergone so much change. 

Relying on Relevance for Campaign Efforts:

If anyone has either tweeted or interacted with a tweet that contains your defined keyword, they are eligible as a target. You can zoom in a bit further and see that they meet your geo, language, device, and gender targeting objectives as well, and there are many exclusive “signals” that assist with the searches for contained keywords. Link clicks, likes, and expands all are used during this process to define the result. 

When you type in a keyword, a volume estimate is shown, which represents the daily global volume for each keyword. If you take advantage of the opportunity to target very specific keywords, you can drive higher engagement rates. You can also take advantage of the bulk add feature or excluded keywords to your campaign. By adding these criteria, they will turn green or red in your setup, signaling that you’ve added them correctly. 

The Particulars about this Potential:

Keyword targeting is available in all languages, with a maximum allocation per group of 750. If this is the only type of targeting you are using, 25-50 keywords is a good median amount. Keywords will correspond to tweets with that word appearing in any order, even regarding words in between. This also includes synonyms, misspellings, and jargon or slang. Your campaign can see its origins from Home timelines, profiles, and Tweet detail pages, along with search results. 

Home timelines are where your campaign will run by default, with the option to customize Tweet detail and profiles along with search results. For valuable reporting of metrics, you can view the breakdown of data by clicking the “Audience” tab, and selecting “keywords”. While using this data, it is important to clarify that targeting sensitive or adult categories will be prohibited. Where things get very efficient and promising is with the Ads Editor, that can reupload the files to set very crucial changes live in your campaign. 

Even though some platforms have had a negative connotation associated with them, it could be time to jump back on, if even temporarily. Our team at FarFetched Studios will be able to devise a plan that spreads your efforts across various channels, while best utilizing the tools implemented by those who have undergone a disruption. The predictive technology of the future has allowed for segment-rich targeting of users, and once they align with your CTA, a positive and profitable future begins!