Valuable Perspective on Digital Strategy for 2023: Expert Insights to Secure a Competitive Edge

In a recent blog, the Search Engine Journal claims that 85% of agency marketers are worried about the coming year. They were able to provide some excellent insight on how you can align your priorities to properly meet your goals, and constantly be aware of the data that can help you achieve stellar results. Here are some ways to refresh your digital marketing service to see that you experience continued positive and influential growth. 

Remaining Consistent and Capable Via New Offerings:

98% of agencies agreed after a CallRail’s survey that providing new offerings will be essential to growth in 2023. Branding services, sales training, full-service digital, creative, email marketing, and website design are all viable areas of growth for those who have been previously focused on other services. Just two years ago, social media marketing was all the rage, and while it still is, fast-rising contenders such as TikTok have shortened attention spans and disrupted things to the point of seeing many others wonder if Facebook was still the “promised land.”

Keys to Retention With Purpose + Polished Touch: 

In 2022, agencies reported a 44% client retention rate, which is a decline from 53% rate the year before. It’s not just the effects of the pandemic: many elements that affect outbound and retention methods are now moving at a pace much faster than ever before, rendering 79% of agency marketers predicting that client acquisition will be more challenging this year than ever before. 

Since conferences and industry events are now picking back up again,clients can be secured that are more likely to stick around. So many entities that offer products and services have been exposed to every sales tactic out there and are looking for a can-do Rockstar attitude just as much as they are digital guides and gurus. 

The Fresh Approach to Gaining Longstanding + Winning Trust:

Even though the past year has admittedly been challenging, there are many reasons to look to 2023 with optimism. More than 50% of agencies claimed that they are considering adopting new tools and technologies to prove ROI. This will ultimately allow their clients to feel as if they are being presented with data that resonated well, and proves consistent success. 

Analytics and the newest software platforms are going to attract startups with amazing products, but will these be the type of companies that make it through the demanding long haul of the current landscape? So many tactics and trends get people excited for only momentarily, and history has shown us that even in time-tested genres such as live sports, many demographics are not anywhere as predictable as they used to be with impulse buying and brand loyalty. 

“Real Talk” About The Coming Year’s Various Challenges:

Trends in marketing are changing every day! It’s not just the social media platforms where the most viable traffic is gathering, there is a movement towards backing up your promises with firm action and product quality, telling an engaging story, and having a strong presence at relevant industry events. Metaverse marketing is going to soon become a rapidly emerging giant we need to embrace.

Short-form video content is also going to be growing at a rate that will astound even bona fide experts. What was once thought of as attention-seeking, lightning-fast clips to gain momentum and new followers is not only now the norm, but also a form of survival. Many consumers who are browsing the web looking for their next buy, supplement, or even form of therapy want to see who else is doing it, how it helped them, with only a few precious seconds to spare. It’s ok to be a little edgy during these quick takes, but seasoned experts out there are great at catchy and appealing scripts that win new followers while retaining a value uptick in conversion.

Here at FarFetched Studios, we pride ourselves on being seasoned experts first, as well as stat and data-driven powerhouses in the long run. The coming year will see plenty of opportunity to reach out and grab attention, but overlapping platforms and a looming recession may both take their separate tolls on success. We have always been excited about reporting this success back to our clients and putting in the work to win the battle against lackluster and motivation-lacking quarterly statements!

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