When a Traditional Marketing Agency Tries to Go Digital

Experience with both digital and traditional media essential in today’s marketing world

This week we wanted to explore what happens when a marketing agency stooped in traditional measures takes a crack at digital marketing. Take a look at the image below, particularly the right side highlighted in a red square.


Notice anything? If you don’t, we don’t blame you. It seems there should be a display ad that a company has spent valuable money on, and what resulted is … not much.

Sometimes a traditional marketing agency rooted in specializing in traditional media will take a crack at the digital side with little-to-no experience in digital ads. The outcome is what you see in the image. Instead of a nice link title, appealing image and helpful description, your money turns into, well, this.

Experience with not only social media ads but also other digital media ads is an important part of what Farfetched Studios can offer its clients. With us, we’ll make sure the above image doesn’t happen to your budget. Make sure your digital and social ads are seen with Farfetched Studios!

And if you still want to go the traditional media route with radio and TV, we are more than happy to help you with that too! Contact us today for an evaluation of your business’s current marketing strategy, website and more!

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