YouTube Pre-Roll: Catching the Target Market’s Attention Fully During the Countdown

When you’re planning to watch a video, whether a music video, a video about gaming tips or a hot new vehicle, you’re probably going to go to YouTube. It’s the most frequently used and practical means of finding the exact video you want very quickly. We’re here to inform you that the pre-roll ads frequently used on YouTube are now one of the most powerful mediums of marketing and advertising on the internet today.

What Are YouTube Pre-Roll Ads?

YouTube pre-roll ads are a very valuable form of video advertising that is integrated into the very intelligent Google Ads platform. It is a short video that plays before the selected video does, if the video’s source has enabled the ability to properly monetize their content. One of the dead giveaways of a pre-roll spot is the 5-second countdown on the lower right, as well as the information to allow the customer to “temporarily convert” to the message on the left-hand side.

What are the Benefits of Using Pre-Roll Advertising Methods?

With the many choices you can make for any kind of content marketing in today’s digital world, anyone marketing products or services will want to know why this method has so much power before they jump on board and use it. What it really boils down to is the very far-reaching ability Google gives advertisers to pinpoint and target the right customers at a very opportune moment. We’ve listed some of the top reasons we think that this is one of the most valuable advertising techniques below:

  • What’s Currently Trending: video is currently the fastest growing ad format, as attention spans are short, and the delivery method is very effective.
  • The Effectiveness Post-Delivery: anyone who has just viewed a video usually retains 95% of the message as opposed to only 10% when it is read in long form.
  • The Power of the Intense Pull to Purchase: over half of consumers claim after various studies that viewing product videos builds up their confidence that leads to the final purchase in the virtual checkout line.
  • Reaching Those with Buying Ability:  The data-gathering gurus at Brainshark revealed that nearly 60% of senior executives prefer video advertisements over having to mull through text.
  • The Final Numbers Needing Crunching: videos that feature any type of fun persona or animated explainer increase conversion rates by 20% off the bat, as this technique helps immensely with those who have had a long day and simply aren’t paying as much attention to anything that bores them.

What are a few Examples of Tip-Top Technique?

You may provide a service as a chiropractor, helping the injured and sore feel whole again after a successful visit to you. One way to get people in the door is to offer a free trial for new customers, with a specially priced package that could offer more features as well. With the use of pre-roll videos on YouTube, you can have the video show to those who are already searching for “relief from chronic pain” or “experienced and recommended chiropractor near me”. 

Or, you may have a business that offers shoes for sports. With the power of pre-roll ads, you can target users based on what they searched Google for. It’s almost like reading someone’s mind, except that the customer must “speak their mind aloud” by searching on Google. If someone was searching for new shoes to skate or play soccer in, you set up your ads to show to them, regardless of what type of videos they are watching.

How to get the Most out of YouTube Pre-Roll Ads:

Knowing the Stats on the Very Crucial Fine Line: Over 90% of users will skip the ad when they get the chance, which allows them to watch the original video they searched for. The good news is that since this tool allows you to research your market so closely, you can find a way to have them keep watching within the first few seconds to avoid a skip and deliver your entire message.

Keeping an Eye on the Desired Content’s Run Time: One of the things that consumers complain about most regarding pre-roll advertising is that the advertisement has a longer duration than the video they wanted to watch. It is very important to always assess the context of the viewer, because if someone is about to watch a 10-minute video, they are a bit more likely to respond without the usual onslaught of daily distractions.

Meticulous Target Practice: This tool provides you with an abundance of ways to find your audience before you present an ad. After many consumer surveys, the most recurring frustration over payroll advertising was the customers that had watched an offer that didn’t have anything to do with their interests. Make sure you’re targeting the right audience for your ad.

Never Underestimate the Power of Laughter: After closely reviewing some of the most popular pre-roll ads, it was obvious that they all had one thing in common: a very easygoing and drop-dead funny sense of humor. Viewers will always have a natural defense when it comes to pre-roll advertising, because it precedes the video they really wanted to watch. Make it fun so that people respond better to your ad.

The Pressing Issue of Pre-Qualification: One of the most important things to remember about pre-roll ads is that if an end user watches one for more than 30 seconds, your cost immediately goes up. Because of this, it is best practice to identify the purpose of your ad within the first 5 seconds. Also keep your full ad as short and sweet as possible! In most cases, we recommend that you keep it at 15 seconds.

Every business is unique, and here at FarFetched Studios, we have many ways to make your client base and digital reach grow quickly. To assure that 2022 and beyond is productive AND profitable, we can coach you and provide a strategy for success: this method of advertising has a very customized and nationwide reach on the most popular video platform on the globe! Contact us today to get started.


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