Advertising with Purpose: Bridge the Gap Between Digital & Direct

Digital and direct mail marketing have permanently changed the advertising industry over the past decade. For many years, effective digital advertising existed separately from older offline methods. Differences in project implementation, organization, execution, expectations, and funding distinguished these tactics. However, extreme advancements in technology and data gathering now enable advertisers to master omnichannel efforts. It’s crucial to tailor your message to audiences on multiple channels to remain relevant.

How Brands Tackle the Challenges of Using Both Digital and Direct Advertising

Direct mail and digital advertising now form a union that was once not closely integrated. Combining these two tactics creates a highly effective means of high-performance outreach. Digital marketing has never completely bypassed direct mail because postal mail remains effective. During many quarterly meetings and proposals, marketers continue to be surprised by its performance.

According to Digiday, direct mail will grow by 1.5% to make up $38.2 billion of the U.S. offline marketing budget this year. The popular lifestyle brand Parachute, which sells high-end sheets, quilts, and towels, has found great success with direct mail efforts that lure customers into physical storefronts. They have partnered with Pebble Post and online delivery service Boxed to generate stellar results. Companies now aim to reclaim valuable space on the family fridge with this traditional route.

Unified Pages: The Digital-Physical Fusion of Nostalgic Marketing

One of digital marketing’s pitfalls is the constant barrage of retargeting that customers navigate. While some customers exist predominantly offline, their journey often involves both pointing and clicking. Marketers have started paying attention to how these two behaviors work together. As many people realize that less screen time makes them feel healthier, thumbing through a physical catalog or brochure can seem less suffocating. Parachute’s geo-targeting efforts have greatly benefited from the radiuses direct mail allows.

Direct Mail Advertising and Digital Marketing

Cross-Channel Power: The Multichannel Potential of Direct Mail and Digital Convergence

Digital and direct mail marketing collaboration will become more essential in the days to come. Numerous generations have displayed enthusiastic digital engagement. Marketers can be very selective with the times and places they choose, allowing them to properly align their audience. Many brands will recognize the necessity of combining direct mail and digital marketing efforts. Achieving true multichannel convergence is rewarding when your efforts combine in this savvy manner. While many different industries enjoy an excellent social media following and digital presence, postal mail provides the opportunity to reach many attractive demographics.

Complementary Channels: Achieving Greater Reach Without Competition

Interactive marketing has been praised for double-digit growth and undeniable appeal. Direct mail and interactive channels frequently compete with each other, resulting in various types of revenue loss. To enjoy a fruitful and unified approach, marketers must recognize that core principles govern both types of outreach. Metrics such as response rates, revenue, lifetime value, cost-per-promotion, and ROI apply to the direct mail marketing category as well.

The importance of creativity, timing, and testing offers is instrumental in analyzing customer behavior and can create insights to tweak campaigns. With an email campaign, the timing from concept to application is often days instead of months. Email marketers can change their plan of attack midstream and quickly redeploy for victory. Real-time dashboards of customer behavior are also excellent tools for gauging the effectiveness of promotions.

Ready, Set, Market: The Ultimate Toolkit for Success

If your advertising team is considering changing its strategy, they should be armed with the ideal tools for the task. Numerous automation systems are available to help manage campaigns and provide valuable results for the promo that stimulated the response. The email campaign deployment should link to a consolidated database that can carry all the essential information needed to decide on the best ways to issue contact.

These systems can identify your order sources, track codes, and match by name and address. These tools enable marketers to investigate the customer’s purchase in detail. It’s possible to determine whether an email influenced a customer to purchase via an 800 number or in-store, not just on the company URL. Even though no system is 100% accurate, these are excellent ways of making the task easier. A trusted agency such as ours can assist with this process.

Postal Precision: Direct Mail’s Now-Developed Journey

Since both digital and direct mail marketing options are data-driven, a CDP can assist. Constructing necessary iterations and email templates can also be executed with print. Direct mail advertising is now more traceable than ever due to consumers’ digital footprints and the USPS’s modernization efforts. Parcels are scanned at different points in the journey from the sender to the recipient.

When mail reaches its final destination, the customer can be tracked by their purchases, QR scans, and in-person store visits. For snail mail measurement, a focus on incrementality instead of attribution can provide rich detail. In multichannel events, tactical media mix modeling instances can assist by measuring daily impressions across different channels to explain the relationships between channels. Exercising this extreme focus on incrementality ensures that your marketing spend is properly allocated.

A Tale of Two Inboxes: Defining Duality

From Denver to Dubai, many agencies excelling in the digital marketing game may still scoff at a direct mail strategy. Some customers reached this way aren’t just “hiding under a rock” due to old age; they have strayed from digital media’s reach for other reasons. As rural internet connectivity blossomed, many consumers from small towns became accustomed to ordering online. They still love sprawling out and thumbing through a catalog, as do many others.

At FarFetched Studios, we recognize the value of many different forms of outreach. Seeing how many new followers you have or sharing a photo with them instantly is always rewarding. Acquiring those who pique their interest after a visit from the postman is, too. Contact us today to devise a strategy for direct mail marketing or fine-tune your existing digital marketing saga!